See for yourself how you can use just the right selfmailers for a particularly effective advertising campaign.

Simply outline your targets. No technical details required. That’s what our experts are for.

Valorise your mail-outs. Refining the process enables you to be tangibly perceivable and captivatingly visible.


Advice as the key to success in dialogue marketing

In dialogue marketing, personalised advice is a key factor for success. Our customers value our active support from the initial idea to the production and dispatch. Despite digital technology and ultra-modern machinery, it’s the people who count and make the difference. We always find the ideal solution for our customers, whether it relates to implementing a particularly creative idea or finding an alternative based on cost efficiency. The personal commitment of our employees and their expertise makes a very significant contribution to the success of the projects, especially during the often hectic production process.

Our personalised advice, paired with comprehensive production planning, ensures the optimal handling of large orders as well as smaller, complex and challenging printing projects. We place great emphasis on personal contact because shorter communication channels allow our customers to benefit from the highest possible levels of flexibility. Perfect service is a core pillar of our corporate culture.


The wide range of dialogue marketing

We have satisfied customers in 24 countries and send out over 1 billion mailings each year. Our performance has grown as consistently as our experience over the decades, making us one of Germany’s largest and most competent partners in dialogue marketing. Our comprehensive service ranges from the initial idea to the postal delivery and any subsequent digital marketing services. We offer numerous finishing options during the production process such as complicated embossing, remoistenable gumming adhesive, scratch-off surfaces, dispersion and high-gloss varnishes, fluorescent colours and scented coatings.

Personalisation for direct appeal

Thanks to our wide range of machines, we are easily able to complete one or multi-page projects resulting in a range of mailings which effectively convey the required message through imagery, text or feel. Various printed materials can also be personalised; one or multi-colour plastics, labels, films or self-adhesive materials. Our expertise also covers special requests such as environmentally-friendly paper cheque cards and creative tickets. Dispatch, punctuality and cost efficiency ensure the successful completion of dialogue marketing campaigns.

Data in dialogue marketing – trustworthy and efficient

Dialogue marketing is a field which relies heavily on data. On the one hand, there are many different forms of print data and on the other, there is a substantial quantity of sensitive customer data. In order to ensure personalisation, we record, manage and systematise address and image files so that the various components can be put to optimal use, thereby saving time and money.

Our numerous reliable services in this sector include: address recording and response management, address conversion and selection, address matching and name analysis, title code assignment, large and small-scale implementation, promotional code allocation, postal updating (Robinson list), modification of database for recipients who have relocated or are deceased, postage optimisation, all standard barcodes, numbering and statistical evaluations.

Customer data in the best of hands

Data is an important – and sensitive – factor in the success of our customers. We are very much aware of this which is why we consider it a sign of trust when we are permitted to work with this data, as is the case with personalisation on an ongoing basis, for example. We have developed a certified data security concept which also includes an external data protection officer. This expert provides us with advice and monitors our security standards on behalf of our customers.


Creativity and efficiency in dialogue marketing – with 1 billon mailings per year

As part of our collaboration with our customers, we repeatedly create spectacular new mailings which captivate and impress with pop-up elements, scented coatings or 3D gimmicks. These creative measures support and enhance the advertising message and stick in the mind. This ensures your brand is not forgotten and paves the way for additional direct marketing campaigns.

High quality – optimal effect – efficient - successful

In dialogue marketing, everything revolves around communication with the customer. We help our customers to organise this communication efficiently. Our processes are aimed at generating the greatest possible benefit for our customers, as reflected in our long-standing collaborations and numerous successful projects.

Pragmatic cost savings in dialogue marketing

We draw on our expertise and service to save on expenditure in dialogue marketing, providing pragmatic assistance. Targeted addressing, for example, is an effective way of reducing costs by avoiding advertising wastage. Postage optimisation is also another way of making substantial cost savings because address matching or selection can be undertaken or Vario-Mail options provided – both nationally and internationally.

Self-mailers – in dialogue marketing

There are virtually no limits to our numerous self-mailer options: format cutting, contour cutting, the punching or perforation of integrated cards or vouchers (couponing), cut-out windows or forms and angled perforations for response elements.

2000 projects and 1 billion mailings per year

We provide the perfect platform for products and brands. From the presentation of a single product in panorama form to differently-sized depictions of several products in sequence and the presentation of various products in catalogue form.

Scratch and sample – from scented coatings to samples

Whether you wish to impress a customer with a self-mailer containing samples, motivate them with a coupon for placing an order or elicit an answer with a response element – we can provide all-round support: from the design to the implementation and response processing. Unusual formats, striking (window) cut-outs, a range of fold-out formats and impressive coatings catch the eye even more. Whether you opt for a self-mailer poster, self-mailer catalogue, postcards, folding cards or creative mailings – we are always on hand to support and advise our customers.

Mailings in dialogue marketing – diverse, direct, personal

There are various ways in which mailings can be sent out to the end customer. Whether addressed, fully personalised or as a package or newspaper supplement – the one thing they all have in common is that they offer exceptional opportunities for gaining customers, securing customer loyalty and maintaining customer relations. These effects go hand-in-hand with the primary goal – the enormous advertising impact. By sending out multiple components, mailings become even more reliable in achieving their desired effect. An additional flyer or envelope can be attached to elicit a response and acts a driving force in instigating dialogue in any direct marketing campaign.

Mailings appeal to all the senses

Mailings can be experienced with all the senses which is why it is important to appeal to all the senses. This starts with the choice of paper and includes the processing and finishing. Scratch-off surfaces and scented coatings not only convey a message, they also offer an experience which we can implement with efficiency. Whether enveloped mailings, shrink-wrapped mailings, postcards, self-mailers or openable packaging – we always prioritise the wishes and aims of our customers and actively support the successful implementation of their marketing campaigns.


About us

Melter and dialogue marketing – an extensive history and extensive expertise

The Melter company was founded over 100 years ago. Today we are a successful group and continue to operate under family ownership. We are one of Germany’s best and largest manufacturers and service providers when it comes to dialogue marketing because our values are implemented day after day; in our work, with our employees and, of course, with our customers.

Advice – competence - trust

We focus on long-term cooperation and partnerships which are based on mutual trust. We provide our customers with in-depth advice on everything from innovative technologies to options for improvement and economic aspects. Our customers benefit from our flexibility as well as our unbeatable comprehensive service which covers the full range of order options from technical design and data transfer to postal delivery.

Personal collaboration is important to us and, for example, each individual order is allocated a specific contact partner. This contact partner is familiar with all the data and knows the customer and project.  In this way, we ensure a pleasant communication process on equal footing so that all participants know exactly what’s happening and collaborate with the success of the project in mind.


It takes the best employees to become the best in the sector

We are a strong partner for our customers because our responsible employees understand how valuable their work is and how each individual contributes to the success of the company. We offer interesting roles within an exciting working environment, based on an experienced and dynamic team.

If you could imagine working on printed products which are accessible to millions of people and want to operate in a field where the Melter group has clocked up some exceptional achievements, please send us your application documents by email  (bewerbung(at)melter.de) or post.


Certifications as a quality feature of dialogue marketing

Our company and processes have been awarded a range of certifications - clear proof that we always meet the needs of our customers at the highest level.

Melter is a system partner of Deutsche Post AG, a status which we have held for many years and whose high standards we will continue to meet in the future too. The quality seal of the DDV (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V.) also proves that our performance standards far exceed legal requirements in the fields of data protection, data security and quality which is why we offer some exceptional services when it comes to data processing, lettershop and fulfilment. Our competence and care in producing high quality printed products has also been recognised by the Process Standard Offset (PSO 12647-2). Furthermore, the environmental awareness deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy is reflected by our FSC® certification (FSC® C021787). This demonstrates that we are contributing to the environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible management of the forests in accordance with the regulations of the Forest Stewardship Council®. Our certification as a Climate Partner allows us to provide our customers with printed products which have been made in a carbon-neutral manner.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection and sustainability 

Ecological and sustainable production play a core role at Melter. We have been one of the leading manufacturers in this field for over a century. Protecting the environment, saving energy and the careful use of resources form part of our fundamental conviction as entrepreneurs. As a result:

  • The print production process is alcohol-free (no use of isopropyl alcohol)
  • We are a certified Climate Partner and have FSC® certification (FSC® C021787)
  • We work using regenerative afterburning
  • We use the solvents contained in the printing inks to maintain the temperature during the regenerative afterburning
  • We use our heat exchangers from the heatset drying system to heat all of our admin and production rooms as well as the entire warm water supply
  • We apply the latest technology to recirculate heat from the waste paper press to regulate the temperature in the production halls
  • We have installed photovoltaic systems of 150 kW on our rooves
  • We operate a closed cooling circuit which avoids energy loss
  • We significantly minimise our paper waste with automatic ink density regulators
  • We carefully separate our waste paper and collect special materials separately
  • We use our roll cores multiple times
  • All cleaning materials used at Melter are biodegradable and our solvents are environmentally-friendly

Quality management

Melter represents quality of the highest calibre

Quality management within our group is a comprehensive system which ensures a high degree of quality and security. It is focused specifically on the company processes and concerns of the customer and, along with our certifications, provides assurance of our internal processes and highest of standards. We invest a great deal of effort in quality control and assurance.

Based on clear quality specifications during each stage of production, an overview of the full print run is gained and documentation of accurate production is achieved. These quality controls enable the traceability of each individual production activity. Established measures are also in place to identify any errors and activate rapid troubleshooting so as to meet the high expectations of our customers.


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